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WELCOME to maeir un ireohke/MIuI (매일 은 이렇게) or "everyday is like this", a modern day RP set in Seoul where character development is our #1 priority. :D

Seoul is bustling with teens with free spirits and adults at the prime of life, and stories begin these souls intertwine. Now, tell me. Where does your story begin? Will we see something new? Or is everyday like this?
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Birthdays This Month:
Sep 01: Song Simkyung

Sep 17: Kae

Sep 27: Nam Jiyeon

Sep 27: Izzy

Overview of Requests:
Best friend wanted for Nam Jiyeon/Izzy
BFF + slow burn wanted for Ahn Minhee & Ryu Seojun/Ellie & Mimi
Dance crew wanted for Park Yoonji/Mimi
Doctor coworkers wanted for Ryu Ahreum/Ellie
Evil boss wanted for Hae Bitna/Dani
Ex girlfriend wanted for Lee Jaewoo/Ellie
Older brother wanted for Han Yeonjin/Mimi
Younger sister wanted for Nam Jiyeon/Izzy
Younger sister & friends wanted for Han Yeonjin/Mimi

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